We are excited to announce that Happioh won in the AI & Data category at the 2024 Product Awards, hosted by Productscount with partners Mighty Capital and Capgemini, as one of the best tools for product managers. It’s an honor to be recognized among so many great products!🎉

Transform Your Meetings into Time-Saving Power Sessions

Happioh - High Quality Meetings Only

High Quality Meetings Only

Experience the power of Happioh's meeting management platform with our intuitive dashboard. Get an overview of all your upcoming meetings, manage your agenda, assign action items, and track progress - all in one place. With a streamlined user interface, our dashboard simplifies meeting management and helps you save time, increase productivity, and stay organized. Try Happioh today and transform the way you work.

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"Happioh is on an exciting mission, solving a big problem most of us can relate to.
They have an incredible network and support from large enterprises that are deeply engaged in solving the problem alongside Happioh." 

"As a salesperson responsible for million-dollar contracts, I see how Happioh benefits relationships with clients. I am eager for Happioh to continue developing features that challenge outdated channels and reinspire human connection in business."

Tech Mahindra
"At Novo Nordisk, we consider time our most valuable asset, and I believe that Happioh can safeguard our employees’ time and protect them against low-quality meetings. Happioh’s features and user-friendly interface will hopefully enable us to streamline our meetings and ensure they are effective and productive
Novo Nordisk

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And Hello To Happioh

Happioh puts all your meeting information in one place, and its integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar simplifies your workflow.

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